In Marseille, France with LREC 2020

Workshop on Computational Terminology CompuTerm 2020 and its share task TermEval

LREC 2020 (Marseille, France)
Saturday, 16th May 2019
Marseille, France

!! Extended submission date : 1st March 2020

The aim of this sixth Computerm workshop is to bring together Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology researchers as well as terminology researchers and practitioners to discuss recent advances in computational terminology and its impact within automatic and human applications. We also host a special session for the shared task TermEval, which uses the large, manually annotated ACTER dataset (Annotated Corpora for Term Extraction Research), that covers multiple domains and languages.

For the general session, we call for submissions in the following areas, though the list does not limit the range of topics:

The workshop submissions are open to different approaches, ranging from term extraction in various languages (using verb co- occurrence, information theoretic approaches, machine learning, etc.), translation pairs extracting from bilingual corpora based on terminology, up to semantic oriented approaches and theoretical aspects of terminology.

Computerm 2020 will host the TermEval shared task on monolingual term extraction using the ACTER dataset. This dataset contains over 100k manual annotations in comparable corpora in three different languages (English, French, and Dutch) and four different domains (corruption, dressage, heart failure, and wind energy). Participants in the shared task can enter for one or multiple languages and will get access to the annotated data in three of the domains, while the domain of heart failure will be provided at a later stage for evaluation. All information concerning the shared task is available on Authors may submit system description papers to CompuTerm 2020 indicating TermEval shared task.



TermEval shared task:

Importante dates:


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