SIGLEX, a Special Interest Group on the Lexicon of the Association for Computational Linguistics, provides an umbrella for research interests on lexical issues ranging from lexicography and the use of online dictionaries to computational lexical semantics. SIGLEX is also the umbrella organization for the SemEval semantic evaluations (previously, the SENSEVAL word-sense evaluation exercises), and organizes the *SEM Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics.


SIGLEX was one of the first ACL SIGs, established by James Pustejovsky in 1991. The SIGLEX Constitution was proposed at SIGLEX ‘99, after which a nominating committee was formed. The Nominating Committee consisted of: Nicoletta Calzolari (University of Pisa), Marc Light (MITRE Corporation), Martha Palmer (University of Pennsylvania), and Philip Resnik (University of Maryland). The Nominating Commitee selected a proposed slate of Officers, according to the SIGLEX Constitution, which had been reviewed by the Nominating Committee and the proposed Officers. The formal adoption of the Constitution and the confirmation of the officers took place at the SIGLEX Workshop in Hong Kong in October 2000. The Constitution was changed through a referendum in 2020.