DSALT: Distributional Semantics and Linguistic Theory


In Bolzano, Italy with ESSLLI

Endorsed by SIGLEX.

DSALT: Distributional Semantics and Linguistic Theory

ESSLLI 2016 Workshop

15-19 August 2016, Bolzano, Italy

URL: http://esslli2016.unibz.it/?page_id=256


The DSALT workshop seeks to foster discussion at the intersection of distributional semantics and various subfields of theoretical linguistics, with the goal of boosting the impact of distributional semantics on linguistic research beyond lexical semantic phenomena, as well as broadening the empirical basis and theoretical tools used in linguistics. We welcome contributions regarding the theoretical interpretation of distributional vector spaces and/or their application to theoretical morphology, syntax, semantics, discourse, dialogue, and any other subfield of linguistics. Potential topics of interest include, among others:


We solicit two-page (plus references) abstracts in at most 11pt font. No proceedings will be published, so workshop submissions may discuss published work (as well as unpublished work). The abstract submission deadline is April 7, 2016. Submissions are accepted by email at dsalt2016@gmail.com.


Deadline for abstract submission: April 7 2016
Author notification: May 15 2016
Workshop dates: August 15-19 2016


Marco Baroni (University of Trento)
Katrin Erk (University of Texas at Austin)
Aurélie Herbelot (University of Trento)
Alessandro Lenci (University of Pisa)
Jason Weston (Facebook)


Nicholas Asher, Marco Baroni, Emily Bender, Robin Cooper, Ann Copestake, Katrin Erk, Ed Greffenstette, Aurelie Herbelot, Alessandro Lenci, Marco Marelli, Louise McNally, Sebastian Pado, Barbara Partee, Laura Rimell, Mark Steedman, Bonnie Webber, Galit Weidman Sassoon, Roberto Zamparelli.


Gemma Boleda (University of Trento)
Denis Paperno (University of Trento)