Joint Workshop on Statistical Parsing and Semantic Processing of Morphologically Rich Languages (SP-Sem-MRL 2012)

In Jeju, Korea with ACL 2012

Endorsed by SIGLEX.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested in statistical parsing and semantic processing of languages with richer morphological structures than in English, and to provide a forum for discussing the challenges associated with processing such languages and sharing strategies towards their solutions. Built upon the success of the first and second SPMRL workshops, its overall scope is extended to include semantic processing where morphologically rich languages pose challenges for algorithms or models initially designed to process English. In particular, we seek to explore the use of newly available syntactically and/or semantically annotated corpora, or data sets for semantic evaluation that can contribute to our understanding of the difficulty that such phenomena pose. One goal of this workshop is to encourage cross-fertilization among researchers working on different languages, and also among those working on syntactically and semantically oriented problems. Of particular common interest is work addressing the lexical sparseness and out-of-vocabulary issues that occur in both syntactic and semantic processing. We are interested in presentations relating to actively studied areas of research including the adaptation of existing techniques to new languages, the design of new models that take morphological information into account, the implementation of models that allow robust statistics to be obtained in the face of high word-form variation, and so on.