CBA-2010: Corpus-Based Approaches to Paraphrasing and Nominalization

In Barcelona, Spain

Sponsored by University of Barcelona; Pompeu Fabra University.

The goal of the “Corpus-based Approaches to Paraphrasing and Nominalization” workshop is to discuss different corpus-based approaches to the automatic processing of paraphrases and nominal structures. This workshop also aims to evaluate to what extent the analysis of paraphrases and nominal structures can improve the quality of NLP applications. Finally, this workshop might constitute a platform for the exchange of resources and tools derived from research projects. Although paraphrasing and nominalization are established as independent research fields, there exists a close connection between them: nominalizations can be understood as a kind of paraphrase. We believe there is a need to bring together linguists and computer scientists, and we invite unpublished contributions related to issues in these fields with a special emphasis on –though not limited to: