Workshop on Computational Neurolinguistics

In Los Angeles, California, USA with NAACL HLT 2010

The first Workshop on Computational Neurolinguistics will be held at NAACL next June in Los Angeles. We welcome submissions on the computational treatment of any aspect of language, that either make use of neural recordings or of biologically realistic neuronal models.

Computational neurolinguistics is an emerging research area which integrates recent advances in computational linguistics and cognitive neuroscience, with the objective of developing cognitively plausible models of language and gaining a better understanding of the human language system. It builds on research in decoding cognitive states from recordings of neural activity, and computational models of lexical representations and sentence processing. Published work in this area includes the discovery of semantic features in neural activity (Mitchell et al, 2008), using brain signals for the relative evaluation of corpus semantic models (Murphy et al, 2009), and recognizing the semantics of adjective-noun meaning composition (Chang et al, 2009).