Third ACL-SIGSEM Workshop on Prepositions

In Trento, Italy with EACL 2006

Endorsed by SIGLEX.

Prepositions have received a considerable amount of attention in recent years, due to their importance in computational tasks. For instance, in NLP, PP attachment ambiguities have attracted a lot of attention, and different machine learning techniques have been employed with varying degrees of success. Researchers from various perspectives have also looked at spatial or temporal aspects of prepositions, and their cross-linguistic differences, monolingual and cross-linguistic contrasts or the role of prepositions in syntactic alternations. Moreover, in languages like English and German, phrasal verbs have also been the subject of considerable effort, ranging from techniques for their automatic extraction from corpora, to methods for the determination of their semantics. In other languages, like Romance languages or Hindi, the focus has been either on the incorporation of the preposition or its inclusion in the prepositional phrase. All these configurations are of much interest semantically as well as syntactically.

In the call for papers we solicited papers working on aspects of prepositions, such as: Descriptions, Applications, Representation of Prepositions, Prepositions in reasoning procedures, and Cognitive dimensions of prepositions.