Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Identification and Representation of Verb Features and Verb Classes

In Saarbr├╝cken, Germany

Verbs and their features have always received wide attention in various disciplines concerned with linguistic research, since their contribution is essential to the structure and the interpretation of language. In recent years, the availability of new lexical resources and increasingly large corpora, the application of empirical methods and statistical algorithms and the development of technical devices such as eye-trackers and magnetic resonance imaging has led to advances in several linguistic areas. This interdisciplinary workshop brings together researchers from linguistic domains such as lexicography, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, and neuroscience, in order to discuss their perspectives on verb senses, verb features and verb classes.

The aim of this workshop is to contribute to an exchange of new ideas and methods. The focus of the workshop is on the identification and representation of verb features at the syntax-semantic interface and verb classes as generalisations and organisational means for verbs. The workshop addresses questions such as (but not restricted to):