The 2nd Global WordNet Conference

In Brno, Czech Republic

Endorsed by SIGLEX.

A couple of years ago, the idea of an international meeting of the Global WordNet Association seemed truly daring and a bit fantastic. When it happened, two of us recall sitting on the excursion bus in Mysore, still overwhelmed at the number and quality of the submissions, the high attendance in the wake of September 11, and the outstanding local hospitality. Out of the blue, a participant across the aisle casually offered to “host the next meeting.” Our spontaneous reaction was giddy laughter and the response that we had not even started to dream of a repeat.

Here we are exactly two years later, in a very different part of the world, and it seems like the kind of family meeting that everyone knows comes around inevitably in well-defined intervals and that is accepted unquestioningly. We are delighted that work on wordnets is being carried out in more countries and in an ever increasing number of languages. We cherish the common goals of developing wordnets, carrying out research, and building applications in a spirit of sharing that makes this community so special in a highly competitive world. The Program Committee had a difficult job to select 34 oral and 16 poster presentations. Many people worked hard to make this conference successful. Our deep gratitude goes to the members of the Program Committee, local organizers, helpers and sponsors.

November 2003

Christiane Fellbaum

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