Breadth and Depth of Semantic Lexicons

In Santa Cruz, California, USA with ACL 1996

Endorsed by SIGLEX.

Building semantic lexicons is a very time consuming task. Efficient large-scale acquisition and representation of lexical knowledge will be greatly aided by capturing regularities in the lexicon. Two main issues present themselves:
a) treatment of lexical ambiguity and
b) lexical rules as a conceptual tool for controlled proliferation of entries.

Whereas the former has been regarded as a topical issue for quite some time, the latter is only now receiving its due attention. This workshop will concentrate on lexical rules as a regulator of breadth and depth of the lexicons. The workshop will stress issues connected with the practical application of lexical rules: when to apply the rules, how the rules influence system design, how to reexamine and adjust the theoretically posited rules in view of practical needs and evidence. Another central issue for the workshop will be large-scale acquisition of computational-semantic lexicons for practical applications. We are mainly interested in examining the following trade-offs: the coverage vs.the depth of existing semantic lexicons vs. the effort involved in building them.